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Web Tech Fusion recently launched a new custom responsive website for Hearth and Home Shoppe. This is Web Tech Fusion's second website designed and developed custom for the Hearth and Home Shoppe. Also as part of the most recent custom website build, Hearth and Home had us build a Project Planner Application; this application has users answer a series of questions and returns the recommended project information for the customer based off of their provided answers. This type of interactive application can truly add value to your customer's experience online. We are pleased to have the opportunity to continually provide quality digital services for Hearth and Home since 2011 and in into the future.

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Launch Website

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Custom Responsive Website

The Audio Exchange website has launched and is looking better than ever. They have loaded up all their product and service offering coupled with amazing shots of the equipment. If you are looking for quality audio in the Richmond Area, Audio Exchange is your go to company! This partnership made sense, they offer custom audio, we offer custom web development; we were excited to build Audio Exchange a custom website that is truly reflective of their brand, online. Web Tech Fusion will be working with Audio Exchange on their Digital Strategy on an ongoing basis moving forward, we look forward to working with them more in the future.

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Customer Experience in 2017

One of Web Tech Fusion's core principles is that customer experience comes first. Search Engine Land has published an article which reembraces that very principle, in their discussion about the overall customer experience and how to focus on that within your marketing strategy for 2017. It's a quick read, but we found it to be an informative refresher.

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Content is still King for SEO

At Web Tech Fusion, we have unmatched professionals that are extremely passionate about their respective trade. Our in-house Search Engine Optimizers have tailored Web Tech Fusion's SEO strategies around a very simple fact, content is king! In order to rank well, the fundamental truth is that you need unique, fresh and detailed content, making your site’s content the expert on the topic of discussion. That said, of course we have to sprinkle some additional techniques into the overall mixture for accelerated performance, but for truly successful Search Engine Optimization, good content is a prerequisite. Search Engine Land has published an article showing how content continues to outperform other SEO techniques, give it a read to add emphasis on our strategy.

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