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Reliable Website Security

While website security contains a multitude of factors and is heavily dependent on your specific application and infrastructure, the purpose of this description is to briefly skim the details on why you might want a Web Application Firewall (WAF).

We utilize GoDaddy for their “Website Security” package primarily because it contains a web application firewall (WAF). While there are many WAFs available, we resell GoDaddy products because of reliability and ease of use so their product is what we will be referring.

A WAF is an extra layer of protection that basically authorizes and scans traffic to your website prior to your website loading. Some of the benefits include protection from DDoS attacks, API and Mobile app protection, blocking malicious bots and automatic attacks, increasing app availability, and controlling access and authentication including geo-blocking and automated security. While that list is not extensive, it gives a realistic picture of some of the security gaps a website faces without a WAF in place.

Even the most basic of websites will benefit from some of these features, which is why at Web Tech Fusion, our recommendation is to include a web security effort with a web application firewall.

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