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6 Ways to Improve Your SEO Ranking (Organically)

Website Maintenance Frequency - Farmland being workedAccording to HubSpot, 82% of marketers reported Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positively impacted marketing performance and goals in 2022. There's a reason digital marketers rank SEO high in terms of importance when it comes to business growth. It continues to be and will remain critical for businesses to target their intended audience and beyond.

Not only do the benefits of good SEO outweigh many other tactics, but its cost-effectiveness and ability to provide long-term results make it necessary in today's competitive market. But when it comes to SEO, there are numerous trends that may not be all that beneficial to your business, so it's important to understand the most effective SEO strategies that will actually impact your business' growth.

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SEO Strategies You Should Implement

Improving your SEO can increase your viewership, visitor rates, sales and conversions. It also allows you to engage with

  1. Organic research. What are your competitors up to? Why are they jumping to the top of Google Search before yours? To understand what's working for them and utilize it for your own business, performing extensive SEO research is key. Take a look at their call-to-actions, the rates at which they update their content, as well as their overall content approach.
  2. Keyword gap analysis. While researching your competition, you'll likely start to identify which keywords are used most and which are missing or underutilized. The underutilized keywords will become your best bet for improving your search ranking.
  3. Internal links. Internal links provide your site with an internal hierarchy and improve page rankings overall, but if you have a hard to navigate or outdated website, Google may rank your page lower simply due to its complexity. Simplify your internal links and navigation to improve your SEO and overall customer experience.
  4. Topic clusters. Google is a big fan of topic clusters, otherwise known as a group of page, linked together to cover the same subject. When you have a good portion of topic clusters, your authority on whichever topic you're an expert in and discuss will improve your website's overall ranking.
  5. Image SEO: SEO doesn't stop at words - optimizing the images on your website can help you gain more organic traffic. This also improves your website's accessibility.
  6. Optimizing for your audience (not just rankings): Different content titles and descriptions will yield different results. The best way to optimize and understand your customer is by testing these titles and descriptions over time and ultimately discovering what works best.
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Taking Your SEO to New Heights

The above tactics only touch the surface of the ever-expanding world of SEO. For businesses, big and small, it can feel overwhelming and even impossible to stay on top of it all - especially with Google recently launching a new generation of analytics. Working with a seasoned SEO expert or agency that specializes in SEO allows you to utilize all these valuable recommendations (and more) to ensure your business continues to grow organically over time.

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