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Website Maintenance is Critical for Digital Success

Proper website maintenance is imperative in order to keep your digital presence operating at its maximum efficiency. Web enhancements, security patches and backups, and content updates are just a few things that need to take place regularly. With your website being your 24/7 storefront, your website’s maintenance needs to be a priority.

At Web Tech Fusion, we have been managing and maintaining websites for large and small organizations for over 15 years. Our process is streamlined and effective when it comes to keeping your website fresh with the latest content and operating smoothly from a technological standpoint.

We store a prioritized log of upcoming changes, enhancements and scheduled tasks that we will execute on your behalf each month and inform you either after our installations or prior so you have an opportunity to test any new functionality.

All tasks are prioritized based on your organization’s needs or the severity of a needed change. In addition to rolling tasks lists, we will utilize proper version control, testing and development environments, and after-hours installation windows to minimize downtime during peak traffic hours.

As part of our maintenance process we perform regular analytic monitoring to ensure we understand user behavior and overall website performance. These findings will be provided to you in a monthly analytic report which includes an executive summary keeping you informed. In addition, we will be monitoring site uptime and performance problems 24/7, so we can inform you of any downtime as we work to identify and resolve any issues.

It is our goal to become an extension of your team allowing you to have peace of mind that your website is being taken care of by professionals. We provide exclusive partnership packages that are tailored for specific needs, allowing you to access all of our services regardless of your organization’s size.

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