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Web Security Updates and Backups to help Mitigate Potential Risks, Outages and Downtime

A well-built website is imperative for proper security; however, even the highest quality site requires security updates and routine backups. New vulnerabilities are discovered and patched more often than you might think. The first step of proper security is understanding your web property’s security needs and how each aspect relates to each other, such as your database, code frameworks, compliances, infrastructure and more. In addition, your routine backups should complement your patching and release schedule to make sure you have redundancy for each environment whether it be for development or contingency purposes.

Our approach to web security updates includes putting together a plan that can be executed based on your property’s specific needs. In most cases, if there are critical security vulnerabilities, we will work to patch these weaknesses in a development environment and roll out the solution to a production environment once the fix has been tested. On the other hand, less critical security updates are staged and batched with other release items for efficiency sake especially when that particular security vulnerability has a low probability/risk of impact.

As for backups, we aim to take daily snapshots of production environments and mirror development environments during build windows. That said, backup routines are heavily dependent on the requirements of each system and business needs so we would tailor our approach accordingly.

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