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Analytic Analysis and Monitoring to Help with KPIs and Make Informed Business Decisions

Knowing how your website, marketing campaigns, customer experience and organization is performing digitally allows for your organization to gauge success, measure ROI, increase conversions, make informed decisions, improve net promoter score and much more. Essentially, you should not only be monitoring and analyzing your data, you should be optimizing all areas of your business or organization as a result of that data.

At Web Tech Fusion, we start at a high level and work our way towards building actionable KPIs that organizations can utilize on an ongoing basis. By setting up consistent benchmarks, we can see how different areas are performing, positive or negative. Additionally, custom tracking segmentation can be built to help dive deeper into the metrics, providing organizations with the data most relevant to them.

Each month we provide an analytic report for our partners where we illustrate different KPIs and recap the activity in an executive summary based on the designated previous period. For our partners that extend into digital marketing channels, we provide a tailored dashboard in addition to the monthly reports, allowing for easy real-time navigation on this such as call tracking metrics, search engine keyword rankings, search engine ad spend, directory reviews and much more.

The key takeaway is that being aware of how your organization is performing digitally is extremely important and Web Tech Fusion is here to assist in interpreting the data, reporting on the data and ultimately improving performance based on the data.

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