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Know Your Online Strategy With a Digital Road Map

The best way to prepare for the future is to have a road map that prioritizes initiatives and goals so that there is alignment among each line of business in your organization as to what is being worked on and when it should be complete. Digital isn’t any different, along with proper integration within your organization there should be a specific digital road map that has enough organizational details on it to allow for enterprise milestone achievement while focusing on more detail related to the digital aspect of your organization. For example, not every digital initiative or goal will require organization buy-in. There might simply be a run-the-engine type maintenance project that has little impact on other lines of business; however, it is important to be completed from a digital perspective.

Starting at a high level by laying out major milestones is a good starting point. These should usually be organizational initiatives; a good percentage of projects will require digital integration. Once there are a few key dates on the calendar for one to five years, it’s time to start looking at all the maintenance or run-the-engine type projects. This could be anything from code compliance to system migrations. After the essentials are in timeline, we will want to begin prioritizing our enhancement list. This is where disagreement can usually occur as to what should be focused on next. Enhancements, projects or digital growth areas are the next evolutionary step for your organization and will usually have an impact on various lines of business within your organization.

Web Tech Fusion takes a balanced approach to building your digital road map. With over 15 years of experience serving organizations large and small, we understand what is important, what works and most importantly how to integrate digital into an organization in order to grow it. Outputs for this service could be anything from a high-level timeline to a cost benefit analysis on each key milestone; however, the goal will be to capture future initiatives which the entire organization will support and work towards implementing.

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