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Web Assessments to Help Build a Strategic Digital Road Map

Knowing where your organization currently stands digitally is the only way to ensure you are executing an effective digital strategy in the future. Web assessments help you measure your current rate of digital growth, identify potential gaps and evaluate the next steps in your digital evolution. If you do not know what your current ROI is from your digital marketing, or you are unsure when the last time your website had been audited for security vulnerabilities, a web assessment should be your next move.

A complete web assessment should comprise every aspect of your digital organization. To name a few, this includes website technical and content health, analytic analysis, social KPIs, reputation presence, directory consistency, competitor analysis for market placement, etc. A web assessment should also expand to other areas of your organization. It is best practice to align key organizational initiatives and goals with your digital strategy. In other words, having a strong organizational strategy that includes all digital components often allows for the best results when omni-channel marketing is the goal.

At Web Tech Fusion, our approach is to take a step back so we can understand the big picture first. It would not do your organization any favors by blindly grading your current web presence in a category that is completely irrelevant to your organizational strategy. Once we have a handle on where your organization stands from a goal perspective, our web assessment will be measured against the digital features that matter most to ensure maximum value. It is our understanding that having a bunch of issues announced would only cover what the problems are, which is why our approach includes high-level deliverables to address those concerns.

Typical outputs from a web assessment would include reports, an executive summary, a walk-through of all findings and some actionable recommendations to address issues.

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