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Chat and SMS Solutions That Integrate with Your Organization

The internet has put new demands on business including high availability. Organizations are now expected to be available when the customer is available. This means you need to be available on multiple channels, whether it be through web chat or SMS text messaging. This also means you need to set realistic goals around delivery capabilities on each channel and have processes built to support these channels.

The last thing you want to do is say you have web chat and no one in your organization is available to answer a chat request. This type of approach not only loses a potential customer, it creates a detractor that will negatively talk about your brand to their network. You were better off making them call during business hours and letting them sit on hold for a while.

There are sophisticated tools to help you manage your web chat and SMS interactions so you do not miss a beat. These tools usually require a monthly subscription and hopefully have some sort of integration into the technology that you are using to manage your customers. Integration into your customer relationship management system (CRM) isn’t just a plus, it should be a critical requirement. Whether you are planning on doing this up front or at a later date, the tool you select for web chat and SMS conversations needs to have API or integration options so that you have one system of record when it comes to custom relations. For example, if you were to have a conversation in web chat with one customer service agent, and then the customer called your main line, this customer would have to repeat everything they talked about with the first agent because the conversation was not captured in your CRM. We’ve all experienced this, where we have to re-explain the entire story with every phone transfer and it is extremely frustrating.

Our approach at Web Tech Fusion is holistic and industry specific. We start from the beginning by gathering information about your needs, find a solution that fits those needs, integrate it with your technology and help with process creation or process improvement to support the solution. Whether you are starting from scratch or need assistance with a portion of the process, we have the experience to help with web chat and SMS for your organization.

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