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Professional Social Media Management That Engages Your Online Community

Involvement on social media platforms is about being where your audience is and participating in a way they find relevant, engaging and valuable. We’ve all seen the brand that posts too much, the brand where every post is a sales pitch, or worse yet, we’ve all researched an organization on social media to find they haven’t posted in years. At the end of the day, your organization should be on social media to grow business—plain and simple.

The starting point to social management needs to include a tailored strategy specific to the social media platform you are posting on paired with research from your industry. Understanding what competitors in your market and others are already doing helps solve a lot of the mystery such as what’s the least amount of effort needed to gain entry into a specific space to be effective. The next things you need to understand are your audience and demographics details. Beyond the obvious, you want to make sure you are branding to the correct crowd if you want your efforts to grow the “right kind of business”. Following the strategy and data, it's all about content, effort, and most importantly, consistency.

At Web Tech Fusion, we start from scratch making sure we have a well-thought-out strategy to help your organization succeed on each platform. Once our plan is assembled, we build content calendars to support that plan and work to execute a consistent posting presence on each platform. Every month we go over the next month's content and the previous month's results where we measure against KPIs defined in the strategy phase. The goal is to gradually increase your audience size, customer engagement and grow your organization because that’s how we will be grading our effectiveness.

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