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Community Engagement for Consistently and Professionally Managed Interactions

Feedback in the form of comments, reviews, recommendations, etc., are all essential communications that your brand needs to engage with. Most importantly you will want to know what your customers are saying about the experience they had with your organization, but also important, your potential customers will use this interaction as an indicator for whether they want to do business with your organization. Eighty-four percent of people trust online reviews and 91 percent of people read them meaning your online ratings will most certainly determine impact on future business opportunities. What happens when there is a negative review, or makes a negative comment on a post? What happens when someone says something positive, or would like more information about your services? How you handle those situations and more alike are what community engagement is all about.

Having a consistent process defined that includes response times, escalation processes, policies on approach, details on when to engage and when not to are just a few of the things your organization needs to be thinking about. Whether your online feedback has been positive or negative to date, there is work to be done online, and organizations need to be accountable to their community more than ever.

Our approach starts with a firm understanding of your organization. We will work to define every aspect of your community engagement so the process is very consistent. When a positive review comes in, we respond back thanking them in a personable way. When a negative review comes in, we escalate that situation to the correct person at your organization, while we work to minimize the negative public impact as much as possible. Tactics may include pulling these conversations to a private messaging system allowing us to show publicly that your organization is looking into this issue, but reducing the chance of additional backlash from being seen. For obvious reasons the last thing you want to do is engage in a huge debate with a previous customer because you don’t agree with their perception of what happened.

Having professionals work with you on managing your community engagement is an extremely important aspect of your organization. Whether you need help with definition or need our help on a monthly basis to take care of your community engagement, we are here for you.

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