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Functional Content Management Systems

There are many similarities in content management systems (CMS) popular today. Content management systems have evolved dramatically over the years and are now providing a tremendous amount of value beyond the ability to just change content.

Most organizations have a need to make changes to their websites yet have little knowledge of web development, which is where a CMS becomes very important. Common CMS platforms come out of the box with rich features and functionality reducing the need to build dynamic capabilities from scratch.

However, it is important to understand that a well configured CMS platform is the difference between success and failure as far as content management is concerned. There are no two CMS platforms built alike, nor is there any one CMS platform that is truly ready out of the box.

At Web Tech Fusion, our CMS configurations are customized for each project enabling content contributors with continuity and users with consistent web experiences.


The most common content management system today is WordPress, which powers over 40% of the entire internet (this is an astounding metric). With that type of market share, it is the most extensible platform and is led almost entirely by community contribution; however, it is also the most targeted platform by hackers because of its high adoption rate.

Despite common misconceptions, a template-based WordPress website is not the same thing as a professionally developed website that leverages WordPress functionality.

Web Tech Fusion has been extending WordPress capabilities for many years and is aware of proper configurations, safeguarding, extensibility options and maintenance techniques to ensure your organizations’ content management system is user friendly, functional and secure.

Content Management System Maintenance

While content management systems seem like the answer to 100% up-to-date content all of the time, the truth couldn't be further from that statement. Like any other tool, a content management system is simply that, it manages content organization.

You will still need to devote time to keeping your content up to date. A lot of times we find that organizations do not have the resources available to do this consistently. This is where it might make sense to leverage our partnership strategies to better manage your digital initiatives.

You will also need to make sure that the content management system itself is up to date on its latest patches, security updates and releases. Similar to vehicle maintenance, a content management system should be cared for by a professional technician to ensure it runs efficiently and to extend its life for as long as possible.

If you do not have the technical resources needed to properly maintain your CMS platform, Web Tech Fusion partnerships provide you with the technical support necessary to care for your CMS and protect your investment.

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