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Properly built Responsive Web Design

At Web Tech Fusion, we take responsive web design more seriously than most. Rapid development, easily accessible frameworks and do-it-yourself code generators have riddled the web with poor experiences for different devices, browsers and screen size combinations.

Unlike corner cutting practices such as “fluid-based breakpoints” found in most web solutions today, we carefully craft each responsive breakpoint to be fixed allowing for 100% control of the content in each scenario.

A way to illustrate the difference would be to imagine having one elastic belt (fluid breakpoints) that stretches, giving you a varying degree of fitment across all waist sizes (screen sizes). The Web Tech way is to provide a unique belt (fixed breakpoints) for each waist size (screen size) to ensure proper fitment with each variation.

Precision responsive design takes more effort to develop. However, at Web Tech Fusion we feel that proper user experience isn’t something that should be sacrificed which is why our fixed-based responsive web designs are a standard in our development practices.

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