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Information Architecture

The first step to any well-built website requires an in-depth analysis of the information architecture needed in order to verify a proper user experience will be encountered from each persona type. It is not only important that information on each page is unique, helpful, well written, etc., it’s mostly about how relevant the content is to the people viewing it.

In other words, if the content being seen has no relation to a specific user or their journey as to why they are on your website in the first place, they are most likely seconds away from abandoning your website. The best way to prevent this behavior is by targeting specific persona types to maximize each specific user experience that might be browsing your website with the proper information architecture that relates to them.

That said, you might have several paths that all lead to the same content, but it’s how each specific natural journey progresses that matters most. Your site’s information architecture needs to reassure the user that you have what they are looking for and it displays in the way the user is expecting to see it simply because you understand who they are as a user.

This process all takes place on the front end of a new website build and is iterated upon over time to constantly enhance the content’s overall effectiveness. With properly built information architecture, the user experience will be better, allowing for increased conversions and overall proper user behavior.

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