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Effective Email Marketing

With high open rates, email marketing is still an effective method of communication, whether to prospective customers or to your existing customer base. While email marketing is somewhat saturated with spam and phishing schemes, quality published content by reliable sources on a consistent basis continues to reach audiences by tackling everything from lead generation to general communications.

Newsletters, marketing campaigns and general sequencing are needed by most organizations, but even more so the quality and consistency of those messages need to be built, maintained, enhanced and monitored regularly in order to be effective.

There are tons of email implementation solutions and at Web Tech Fusion we believe the correct solution is driven by the requirements. While we have our preference on a certain email platform, having the solution that makes the most sense for your particular need will be most important.

While web browsers have progressed rapidly over the years in the adoption of newer coding standards, email clients are stuck in the past and are even more diverse. That said, proper coding techniques and mass testing will be performed to ensure your messages are seen properly on all of the most popular email clients and device combinations.

We can assist with selecting a platform, strategizing on content delivery, helping with implementation and development, monitoring success and improvement over time utilizing A/B testing. Most importantly we can make sure your email marketing efforts are consistent and effective.

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