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Modern Search Engine Optimization

Close to 60% of traffic on search engines click on organic listings versus an ad or a map listing. While Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is gradually gaining search result real estate, organic rankings should still be a huge part of any well put-together search strategy. While most natural search engine optimization (SEO) will gradually progress a keyword through ranking positions all the way to page one, the benefits of SEO do not begin until you are actually on page one. The chances of your result being clicked past page one is very close to zero. Having said that, the higher you are on page one increases your overall traffic volume. So, not only do you need to be on page one, you need to be as high on page one as possible (preferably position 1-3).

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization does not require a fee every time someone clicks on your listing; rather it requires front-end investment and a multitude of techniques to eventually climb to the first page of search results over time. SEO is a long-term strategy and will never come with a guarantee. Rank position for any keyword combination will always be entirely up to a search engine’s algorithms and are subject to extreme daily volatility.

Proper SEO follows search engine best practices to organically grow rank positions over competitive websites. The amount of time it will take to climb to page one of a specific search result has a lot to do with your current digital footprint, the competitive landscape for certain keyword combinations in specific geographics and ultimately the amount of productive effort you invest into that phrase.

In our experience we have found that organizations should not choose SEO over PPC for search engine strategy, especially when just getting started. A well-rounded digital strategy utilizes a combination of SEO and PPC to maximize results. If you consider a search results page with a PPC ad up top, followed by a map's listings and finally the organic search results, it makes most sense to show up in all three locations for a frequency count of three to help with conversion probability.

It’s best to have a professional firm such as Web Tech Fusion to assist with SEO because there is a long list of negative side effects from using the wrong SEO techniques and an even longer list of techniques needed in order to truly grow traffic from high quality page ranks.

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